What does split in life lines mean in Palmistry?

What does split in life lines mean in Palmistry?
This is seen in both the hands at the mount of venus.

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The same thing 4 different species of Big Foot means in zoology: Nothing. Why? It isn’t real.

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Dnt waste your time . It means absolutely nothing as well as astrology and numerology and ect. Its just satans way of keeping u from the lord. Im speaking from exp. Your just wasting your time. God alone gives purpose and meaning to your life.

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please help: palmistry lines changes?
Hi I am a female, and recently when I look at my right hand, I noticed that my heart line forked in to two thin lines. Then they both fall into the head line.

Its sort of form a oval-ish look between the typical gap between the heart and the head line.

I am so worries, does it mean that my love life is failing? I noticed people those heart line connect to the head line seems to not have one. Or it could have been a heart line that just goes horizontal (i cant remember which).

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You should upload a picture.

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welcome to psychic hot line by dougddog.Sorry cant help you with palm reading but I can tell you about your romance right now. There seems to be someone on the side lines that you need to get over and move on from. What I see is he doesn’t need you now like he does the one or ones he is with, but when he has problems there he will come running.I see you meeting someone better anyway so let it go and move on. i hope this helps you

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This simply means that the heart rules the head in all considerations. You have to look at other eloements. If you have many fine lines rising upwards from the heart line, it indicates a senstivie person combined with some happiness.
As for the love life, you have to se if the line is solid, chained, and also, you ned to check the marriage lines as well.

It also depends where one end of the fork ends. Is it between the index and middle finger (jupiter and saturn), or is it also pointing towards the head line or extending to the edge of the hand ?

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