Q&A: What does this dream mean regarding my life line on my hand?

What does this dream mean regarding my life line on my hand?
My dream had to do with my hand being cut off completely right at the life line (that long line) and I tried to re-attach it and I knew that even though I reattached it and it looks like it wasn’t cut off, it was and that it was only a matter of time where I couldn’t use my hand….

what does that mean

Suggestion by Mister Wise Guy
You are feeling guilty about something, perhaps self-satisfaction, and the hand is the object of desire.
This is not a perverted answer, if you are really honest with yourself.

Suggestion by A.J.R.
It means you are thinking about death a lot and you know that you can’t escape it. and maybe you’re gonna die soon

Suggestion by thebest@ymail.com
I’m pretty sure that you think about or indulge in palmistry, or you have in the past, even if it was not to a great extent. In fact it is more likely that you just dabbled into it. That’s what has gotten into your subconsciousness.
Most people have fear of death, or have had it at least sometimes in their lives. This factor as well as that of palm interpretation are combining in a way to manifest as a dream.

I would not worry too much about it, especially since it shows a hypothetical scenario — who ever broke their hand at their life line? Try meditation, yoga, workout or other means of balancing your life. Worry never does any good.

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