palmistry: what is the meaning of horizontal lines on the thumb?

palmistry: what is the meaning of horizontal lines on the thumb?
i have one horizontal line on the first phallange of the right hand thumb. there are several horizontal lines on the second phallange also. what does it mean?

Suggestion by medic_30852
simple crease in the skin where your finger bends. dont sweat it .

Suggestion by Lacey S
OMG! it means you are gonna marry a 900 pound ape and have 12 multi gender children who kill their parents when they are 5!

Suggestion by tpotx9
I really think you should ask a reader but screw the other people that doubt that. Signs are everything.

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Palmistry: How to spot bracelet lines?
I have only one clear bracelet line, the other two are white and barely visible; is this normal, or is it an ominous sign?

Suggestion by Ava
Everyone has different lines, so there is no normal in palmistry. I’m still learning about it, but the deeper, clearer lines are the ones you should pay attention to. I have so many deep ones on my wrists that even go right around, some are chained & my top ones curve up (meant to mean difficult childbirth or death during), so I am really fascinated by it. This is the best site I know of which explains everything clearly:!/2010/03/palmistry-lines-bracelet-line-on-wrist.html

Suggestion by The Undertaker
Bracelet lines are easily identifiable. They each represent 30 years of life approximately. Some have 2 and some have three. You have to look at both hands and not just one. I am sure you have more than one. Generally, that is the norm. Post a jpeg plz.

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  1. exo says

    That’s a finger print.

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