palm reading what line is your love life?

palm reading what line is your love life?
and what line is yourlife line and so on

Suggestion by I Ain’t Your Momma
You should post this on the Astrology Question page.
Best of Luck. If I knew I would tell ya… but I don’t.

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somewhere in my palm

Suggestion by anamika
u r the architect of your own fortune……..your lines changes with change in ur thoughts…… have good thoughts
have a bright future….all the best

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in palm reading what does it mean if your top line on your right hand goes all the way across?
my fiancee has asked palm readers and failed to get answers but on her right hand her top line on her palm goes all the way across what does that mean?

Suggestion by L J
The correct term would be ‘palmisty’.

Suggestion by Scott
That she made a really tight fist at least once in her life.

Seriously -

Suggestion by khkoh2002
It meant short life. Do you believe? I have the same things and palm reader in the past told me so. So ask your fiancee to live life to the fullest. By the way that’s another believe that the more you had palm reader read your palm it will also cut short your age to live. I am a buddhist and I believe what Buddha said. We can change by doing accumulate good deeds therefore generate positive energy.

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4 Responses to palm reading what line is your love life?

  1. Grey Sun October 23, 2012 at 3:34 pm #

    “Life is” is correct in what she says; i would add if it is long and deep she might be a v emotional person but at the same time extremely passionate and romantic in love.

  2. Life Is... October 23, 2012 at 3:11 pm #

    It’s not a simian line, as the other poster told you. A simian line is when the heart and head line are combined into one. The top line is the heart line. Ideally, it should end between the first and second finger, and should have an upward curve. If the line is long, this is not a negative thing. It is when the line is short that it is negative. A heart line that completely crosses the palm is the sign of a very compassionate person who feels compelled to be giving to others. You see this sort of line on nurses, caregivers, and social workers. So, there you have your answer. It is nothing major, and nothing to be concerned about.

  3. Googlywotsit October 23, 2012 at 2:32 pm #

    This would be what’s referred to as the ‘Simian Line’. It mainly takes the place of the heart line.
    People who display this line can usually only concentrate on one thing at a time and so have a tendency to be overbearing.
    They enter wholeheartedly into whatever they do and switch off all else.
    When it comes to love and the emotions, this single-mindedness can be hard to live with unless one enters the relationship with the same intensity. It’s usually hard for a person with this line to understand the feelings of others. They can swamp their partners with love that may be born of insecurity and a lack of confidence. They can also be very possessive, jealous and even violent. Sometimes they can feel love is a sign of weakness.
    If the person is aware of their nature and tries to become more receptive to others, another heart line will usually begin to develop.

  4. Adeline October 23, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

    She’s going to have a long life.

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