Palm reading children lines………..?

Palm reading children lines………..?
Hm just wondering is there a special line for someone who is having twins im having twins and i dont have any children lines and also when u have a branch off the life line that goes downward thats not good right ?? and when the life line ends in a fork? but only on one hand the right hand which i guess is my active hand so thats not good either right?

Suggestion by TheSquareboy
Three basic areas that a palm reader will look for while analyzing your hands during your palmistry reading are: Lines — Mounts — Shapes. In this gallery of palm images we will explore the major lines and some of the better known minor lines. The photos will give you a general idea of where to look on your palm for the various lines. Of the four major lines, three of these (heart, head, and life) should be relatively easy for you to locate on your hands. The fourth major palm line is your fate line. This line is sometimes broken or faded, or may even be missing altogether. Don’t worry if you cannot easily find your fate line or if any of the other minor lines shown here are missing or difficult to locate on your hands. This is a job for the palm reader to decipher. Missing, fragmented, or chained lines give clues as to what characteristics you have and how you will live your life. But, for starters, let’s just look at the basic line placements.

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Can palm reading tell you if you will have children?
I’ve read that women’s left hand is read and men’s right hand is read, does it really make a difference?

Suggestion by Murzy
i think a Dr would be more accurate

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Can you read my hands?

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ya,children ~on the right hand are lines below the small finger on the side of the hand.
its says how many.

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  1. LeStrangeBaby May 31, 2012 at 7:02 am #

    No difference..take the dominant hand and bend your wrist…how ever many lines cross the wrist are how many children you will have…half lines indicate either an adoption/step child or a miscarriage.

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