how to read your own palm with pictures?

how to read your own palm with pictures?
please i wanna know how to read my palm but with easy pictures any free websites && books for that, that will be great thank you .

Suggestion by lala
Go to your library ; there some books on palm reading

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I went to this women who reads palms and such for a living and?
im with someone at the moment, but she told me they arent my soulmate.

i feel like there is no one better than them plus we are engaged… i love them more than anyone and i know theres no one else.

then she tells me theres another man coming into the picture?

i dont understand how she even got that from reading my palm???

please help me. do you think this is true?

I am fairly young. I’m only 21.

Suggestion by javagrl
i guess anything is possible. just keep an open mind about things. If you love your bf, then don’t worry so much. Just because she told you doesn’t mean that its true, you can always change these things with the decisions you make. Don’t worry so much.

Suggestion by Firefly
No one can accurately foretell your future. Take what she told you with a grain of salt. If you are very young, she wouldn’t be far off in stating another man is coming into the picture. They always do at some point. Don’t base life choices on fortune tellers. Use common sense instead.

Suggestion by chainlightning38
Do you want control to your life? Or do you want some strangers to make all your life decisions? Based on myth and superstition.

Learn from the past. Live live in the present. Accept that the future is unpredictable and that is what makes it a life. Time to grow up. Live the now.

There is no evidence for anything paranormal.

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how to read palms with pictures
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  1. Rillies says

    you are really young, she could be right. but it never hurts to get a second opinion. if your doctor gives you a bad diagnosis do you just take it or do you believe what he says without consulting someone else? i hope you get a second opinion about this!

    and yes, they can read a palm and know everything about you. a psychic uses talents we have yet to come to understand and can not measure nor really determine or define. they can look at you and give you a reading, but they resort to palms, and chakras, and tarot cards to give you a more in depth reading and also to reassure themselves that what they are saying is 100% true and that they are not confusing their own readings.

    the lines in our hands can be read like binary by the unseen eye. psychics read your soul just by sitting next to you or by looking at you or by being in the same room as you, or by touching something you touched. so on so forth. the palm is just for a faster more in depth source, and for finer definition of who you are.

    i had my palm read when i was 16 and was told someone was in love with me and that i didn’t even know it. i didn’t believe her when she read my palm. but when i came back home from my summer vacation, i found that one of my close guy friends had called me 3 times a day every single day to see if i was home yet. I been stuck on that same guy for the past 5 years now! but i had no clue at the time that he even was interested in me like that back then.

    I can say: not all ‘psychics’ have talent. some are out there just to make a quick buck, which is true of any profession… the one who read my palm years ago: didn’t charge me until i was ready to walk out the door, and she only charged $ 5 for the entire 20 minute reading.

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