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What Does Bible Say About Psychic And Fortune Teller?

Let's start with what the Bible would say about both psychic and fortune teller at first when it comes to the Bibles' scriptures. Despite the fact that these two specific readers are not really mentioned clearly in the Bible, we can see the “divination” that was particularly … [Read more...]

When To Draw A Line In A Marriage

In Japan where the palmistry or hand analysis still remains to be one of the most famous means of future fortune telling, a lot of people would like to find out a certain way to get their own fates changed massively. It's only a simple idea here: your palm can be changed, which causes the reading to … [Read more...]

Hand Lines And Their Meanings

There are a lot of major lines and minor lines on every hand that is mainly considered by palmists. Just because any generic difference available in human beings, we can see a few hand lines that do not show up on people's hands, but there are three that can be seen all over the hands, and those … [Read more...]

Marriage Line – Palm Reading Explanation

In general, the marriage line is situated on the edge of our palm, underneath the pinky. In some cases, it is also called the romance/love line. It is worth pointing out that this line does not always necessarily symbolize the marriage. Instead, it tends to indicate that there must be some types of … [Read more...]

Palmistry Chart Relationship Lines

In general, the love line (the relationship line) is sometimes also considered as the Heart line. Where is its location? This line starts from the edge of the palm underneath the little finger, continues to run across the palm, and then ends below where the forefinger joins the middle finger. Love … [Read more...]

Palm Reading Chart Marriage Line

Some people claim that marriages tend to be made in heaven, in which two strangers will meet together on Earth. Do you believe that? Perhaps Palm reading or Palmistry may provide us with some certain clues. As we know, Palm reading is considered as the ancient art of attempting to decipher how our … [Read more...]

Palm Reading – Children Line

In the olden times, people had a tendency to use many types of divine methods to take a close look at the future scenarios. One of the simplest and most convenient ways was to interpret the meanings of the lines on the palm. Up to now, this method has still gained in popularity. Believe it or nor, … [Read more...]