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Hand Lines And Their Meanings

Hand Lines Their Meanings

There are a lot of major lines and minor lines on every hand that is mainly considered by palmists. Just because any generic difference available in human beings, we can see a few hand lines that do not show up on people’s hands, but there are three that can be seen all over the hands, […]

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Marriage Line – Palm Reading Explanation

Marriage Line Palm Reading Explanation

In general, the marriage line is situated on the edge of our palm, underneath the pinky. In some cases, it is also called the romance/love line. It is worth pointing out that this line does not always necessarily symbolize the marriage. Instead, it tends to indicate that there must be some types of relationship for […]

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Palmistry Chart Relationship Lines

Love Line and Its Interesting Interpretation on Palmistry Chart

In general, the love line (the relationship line) is sometimes also considered as the Heart line. Where is its location? This line starts from the edge of the palm underneath the little finger, continues to run across the palm, and then ends below where the forefinger joins the middle finger. Love Line and Its Interesting […]

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Palm Reading Chart Marriage Line

Palm Reading Chart Marriage Line

Some people claim that marriages tend to be made in heaven, in which two strangers will meet together on Earth. Do you believe that? Perhaps Palm reading or Palmistry may provide us with some certain clues. As we know, Palm reading is considered as the ancient art of attempting to decipher how our life can […]

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Palm Reading – Children Line

Hands For Palmistry

In the olden times, people had a tendency to use many types of divine methods to take a close look at the future scenarios. One of the simplest and most convenient ways was to interpret the meanings of the lines on the palm. Up to now, this method has still gained in popularity. Believe it […]

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How To Read Palms For Beginners?

The Lines On The Palm

Palm reading or palmistry is described as an interesting way to predict our future or give us a glimpse of our personality traits via the study of the lines, creases and wrinkles on our palm. The truth is that this miraculous method has been applied over the years, and it has got great attention from […]

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Palm Reading Guide With Left Hand vs Right Hand

A Ersom Palm Lines Will Change As He Grow Up

For centuries, human beings always try to explore and discover the universe. However, before doing such the large thing, people need to do a small thing as “many a little makes a mickle”. We need to explore and discover ourselves since self-knowledge is vitally important. Among numerous methods of Psychic reading, Palm Reading encompasses the […]

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How To Read Palm Lines

Interpret The Message Behind Each Lines

It is hard to deny the fact that palmistry embraces the wisdom of antiquity and the ancient art. Up to now, a popular interest in palmistry still persists as a vast majority of people believe that palm reading is not too difficult to learn and practice. For anyone who is on “How To Read Palm […]

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Read Your Own Palm

Read Your Palm

Mounts On The Palms If palm lines are the most crucial factors helping the hand analysts to explore a person’s future, the mounts found on our palms can also be used to gain more insights into our unknown lives in the next few years. Like the lines, the mounts have their origins in Greece, and […]

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Palm Reading Chart

Head Line

The Heart And Head Line In Palmistry Heart line: It’s the main line out of other mystical ones in our hands, and just like its name, the line can be seen as the heart of all matters on earth especially the life we’re leading right now. Unlike the brain, once the heart pauses to beat, […]

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